Field Trips Circa 1971 - 1977

Photos courtesy of Richard Hutchings

Visit to the Aven d'Orgnac, the huge cave system in the Massif Central October 1971

Photo of students and staff on the trip. Includes Louie Yannotti, Patsy Culbert, Bruce Barta, Tica O'Brien, and many more.

July 1976 - Dick Hutchings and Tony Dilley on the Ardeche with Frant Lunt's annual canoe trip.

May 1977 - Malcolm Kay, Dr. David Black, & Dick Hutchings

Behind the Scenes on the Orchid Trail

Web Site: European Wild Orchids - A Buzz of Bee Orchids

July 1989 Lappland - Sjöfallets National Park - On the trail of rare orchids.

May 1984 Avon Gorge, Bristol - Fly orchid.

May 1989 Avon Gorge, Bristol - Wasp orchid.

June 1991 Anglesey, Wales - Northern Marsh Orchid

April 1986 - Centarai, Etruscan Cemetary - Orchis papilonacea-rubra

On the trail with Jan Smit .. this one proves that I have 1 sweater and 1 sweatshirt! Another day of hard walking. Jan Smit (LGB 1972) was groping his way through Etruscan vaults.

July 1898 - Lappland Stora Sjöfallets National Park with Kaori Mune photographing the Frog orchid, Coeloglossum. It is about 10cm high!

July 1984 - Dartmoor - Patrice (Pattie) Chevalier