Ecolint Circa 1949 - 1950

Class Moyen D on a field trip with Monsieur Egloff

Photos courtesy of Mike Cavallon

Sheila was one of the group of six or so that all hung out together. She was a Quaker and I would like very much to find her again, as I am moving to her part of Penn. soon.

Vijay Singh was a good friend, and I would be surprised if he did not rise to some important post in the Indian government.

Arther Cohen


Gail Jones

M. Egloff was revered by all; a tough taskmaster for the ones who were boarders: every morning on the basketball court behind the dorm, we had to do calaisthenics, right through the winter.

Jim Proudfoot, from somewhere near Montreal Canada. He was a good friend, but I have never been able to track him down since '49-'50

Margot Habicht. She was American-Swiss, and is probably as beautiful today as she was in eight grade.

Monica Graves was our Irish classmate. Fiesty even at thirteen, but a lot of fun.

Robin Miller, another Canadian, was my best friend other than Buddy (Brent) Taylor, whose sister, Sally, I still see from time to time.