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Hi everyone. Over many years at Ecolint, I have had the pleasure and privilege to teach a large number of exceptionally talented students. I felt certain that they would go on to make a major impact in their professional lives. I dont think I was wrong in this. So I have spent some time searching the web – primarily in Youtube - to get evidence for this. You might perhaps be interested in taking a look at some of the links provided below – particularly if you happen to know any of the alumni quoted. I believe I taught all of them apart from the first two. Clearly this is just a small sample – there must be many more - so do not hesitate to add to the list. I wish you all joy and good health in 2017.
Yours ever


Hernando -Peruvian economist with a speciality in empowerment of the poor of the world

Hernando de Soto speaks at The Clinton Global Initiative (December 9, 2013)

Alvaro – Peruvian diplomat - formerly deputy secretary general of the UN

Envoys of the so-called Quartet of MidEast mediators meeting Amr Moussa

RAMI KHOURI (66) specialist in Middle East political issues

Rami Khouri: “ISIS will be defeated very quickly…”

BOB RAE (66) – politician – formerly PM of Ontario

DISTURBING NEIGHBOURS? Ft. Bob Rae, Former Premier of Ontario

IAIN BEGG (70) – economist LSE – specialist in European issues

Looking at the U.K. six months after the Brexit vote

LORI LIEBERMAN (70) singer and song writer – well known for “Killing Me Softly”

Lori Lieberman sings "Killing Me Softly" on Mike Douglas Show, 1973

RICHARD CORBETT (73) – politician – English socialist MEP

Richard Corbett: Britain deserves the chance to rethink Brexit

RATKO DJUKANOVIC (73)_ doctor _ Southampton U – specialist in asthma

Sample analysis in research projects

GIDEON LACK(78) doctor – Kings London – specialist in allergies

Best Paediatric Allergy Specialist London, Prof Gideon Lack food allergy testing for Children UK

LAKSHMI SUNDARAM (97) – leader of “girls not brides” movement.

EFC in Dialogue with Lakshmi Sundaram

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