Frank Dorsay

I remember how kind Frank was to all the new teachers when we arrived at Ecolint in 1963. He had a wonderful smile and a most engaging way of speaking. He will be missed in Geneva.

Mary Winskill Roosevelt

Mr Dorsay was a great teacher. I still am entertained by the memory of his many stories. Some were really great.

Tom Keresztes Princeton, NJ

I too have great memories of Mr. Dorsay and the stories he would tell. I've found myself retelling his tales to others the way you pass along stories your grandparents told you. I think that for most of us in Geneva, living a distance from any extended family led us to create new types of non-kin extended families -- For me, Mr. Dorsay was like a grandfather. He was also a great art teacher. Taught me alot.

Emiko A. Tajima Ph.D. Seattle, Washington

He was and will always be my favorite teacher. What a wonderful human being.

Brooke Brattan Mann 1967-69 and 1974-1976

I met Mr. Dorsay in 1959 when I was in form 3. He was then a very young teacher, and he took the place of Mr. Stump as the sole art teacher. We took art as an "activity," meaning it wasn't part of our "core curriculum." One semester we spent in art class, and another in something like M. Bader's wood shop or Mlle. Travelletti's "decoupage."

At that time the faculty included a large number of very moody, difficult, often not-so-sober people like Mr. Briquet, Mr Buffle, Mr. Stump, and another group of rather intimidating types with very high standards like Mme. Poirel and Mr. Quin who, though lovable, seemed to share with the moodier group a belief that pedagogy had much in common with the vocation of the drill sargeant.

In Mr. Dorsay I encountered the "nurturing father" type, at exactly the right time in my development -- who could suggest that you didn't have to be an artist to do art, that the output of even an inept student like me had value, that while I had much work to do in growing, I was nevertheless O.K. just as I was. And his illustrative anecdotes were as much about life as about art. I can remember nothing of their content, but much about the empowered feeling they gave me.

Steve Tobias LGB '55-'59

a positive influence re. my adult works

rock on billiewayne

I was a student of Frank Dorsay's from 1969-1973. I will always remember him, and, indeed, often think of him, as an exemplary teacher. I am myself a teacher in the arts, due in no small part to the joyous example of teaching that Frank imparted. His gift as a mentor to students and his passion about his subject continue to inspire me all these years later. Frank is very much alive and twinkly-eyed in my memory. I join all of you in grief and in celebration of this great man.

Patsy Culbert Ecolint 1973

I was most saddened to learn of Mr. Dorsay's passing. Mr. Dorsay took me for art when I was in the 7th grade but, before that time I had seen him around campus and thought him to be the most dashing and intriguing-looking fellow.

Art classes with him were truly freeing. He encouraged all of us to draw or paint whatever we felt. I remember drawing computers in almost every art class. Despite the fact that each of my works clearly looked very similar, he *always* encouraged my productivity. I remember once drawing a computer called the Dorsay 5000 for this reason (this was in 1985, when computers were hardly popular).

My fondest memory of Mr. Dorsay, however, involved one afternoon where he had instructed us to draw people. I set about drawing my friend Spyros, and tried to get my fleshtone shades just right. However, all I could ever end up with was a sort of awkward pink. But when Mr. Dorsay obviously saw something in my pre-adolescent fumbling, and asked me to explain to the class how I arrived at such a lifelike fleshtone. I remember this every time I start to draw.

Vale, M. Dorsay.

Kindest regards, Sigi Goode Acton Australia

Dear Family,

I remember Mr. Dorsay's art classes with fondness, especially since I am also teaching art to high school children!

Thank you, dear comrade - the spirit lives on!

Marita Smit. 1971

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