Maureen Smith

Jack Garstang's death has been followed by that of Maureen Smith, who ... started teaching in the Maths Dept in 1978. When the Middle School was set up in the mid-80s, she was appointed to run Maths in Grades 7 and 8, and so many alums. of the '80s and '90s will remember her fondly, as she was a devoted teacher. She retired in 2003, so had a long career with us. She was a very dear friend, and she was taken by a secondary cancer (so often fatal). We put an announcement about her funeral on the administration's website this morning, but far more alumni read your excellent site, so is there any way in which you could mention time and place? If so, the funeral is at the centre funéraire de Saint-Georges, 13 chemin de la Bâtie, Petit-Lancy at 3pm on Friday, 5th November.

Charles-Richard Vyvyan

Maureen came to Ecolint a year after I started and boom! it was like a breath of fresh air flowing in. She was a true pro and if she thought one of her students was cruising she would tell them - and their parents! She juggled raising a family with the highest standards of our profession and brought laughter, humour and rigour into the classroom. She taught both my children and they loved her. She skied like a teenager, travelled to remote places (sometimes in purdah) and knew all about opera, geraniums, great books and fine dining. Maureen was so brave in her fight for life. What an example to us all. She was a good and faithful colleague and friend and I will miss her terribly.

Susan Cave Baragwanath (staff 77-88)

I had Mrs. Smith for 12th Grade Math in 1988-89. She was likeable, no nonsense, organized, to the point, easy to follow, and had a friendly smile. I enjoyed her class. I couldn't believe she has passed away already - but I suppose over 20 years have gone by since I graduated...the years do fly by.

Katherine Stone Fedor LGB '89

I had Mrs. Smith for 12 grade math in 1988-89 with Katherine. I agree with Katherine's sentiments that she was organized and to the point. I cannot say that I enjoyed her class as I am more of a qualitative person than a quantitative one. Despite being one of her problematic students, she was always kind and respectful of my [in]abilities. After graduation, I would see her occasionally at holiday parties in Verbier in the 1990's. She was friendly, remembered me without any prompting, and always asked how/what I was doing. She genuinely cared and was interested in her students even after they graduated.

Greta von der Luft LGB '89 (or is it '90 as I left at the end of 12th grade in '89?)

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