Teachers Retiring in 2004

I was so sad to here of the retirement of Mr Sharpe not because its not a well deserved break, but that future stutdents will not have the benefit of getting to know that wonderful sense of wit and sarcasm.

Ariella Ryner LGB '92

Mr.Smith, I was very lucky to have you as a math teacher. You showed us many interesting and fascinating aspects of maths, not only through lectures but often in the form of quizzes and puzzles. I was also very lucky to participate in some maths competitions with you around Europe (Vienna and Paris). I missed your classes and somewhat cynical jokes very much after leaving Ecolint in 1992. I hope your legacy is passed on to your colleagues remaining in Ecolint. Thank you!

Mr.Wise, I have lots of memories from your chemistry classes. Experiments on RedOx reactions, acids, alkali, etc. I always enjoyed wearing the lab coat to class. That made me feel like a real scientist. My classmates and I wrote and drew things on our white lab coats, trying to be cool, but I think we all knew that we could never look as good as you when it came to wearing a lab coat. Thank you!

Motohide (Moto) Hatanaka

In your next installment, would you please make reference and perhaps a tribute to the wonderful contribution to the life of LGB of Messrs David Ryan, Barry Smith, Leslie Wise and Alan Sharpe, all of whom retires from teaching this last week after many years service.

I am sure someone has already prompted you to include this, but I thought I would make this suggestion just in case.


Patrick Hurworth LGB teaching staff 1996-2002

There is at least one retired teacher who certainly deserves mention : Anne-Marie Trémeaud. She taught economics in French for about twenty years at Ecolint (LGB).

Très amicalement

Hélène Durand Ballivet

Mr. Wise,

Wishing you a happy retirement - our class always enjoyed a bit of banter with you and Mr Anthony, you both gave as good as you got! Now working as a doctor in Edinburgh (GP), I married a chemistry teacher and we now have a 4 month old daughter Rebecca and a very nuts rescue dog who looks like Scooby Doo!

Best Wishes

Morag Reid LGB 1984-1991

To Mr. Sharpe, one man who always treated students with respect. I wholeheartedly appreciated his knowledge, his guidance and his enthusiasm. But most of all, his respect. As I am now a high school teacher, I wish to say that Mr. Sharpe did it the right way all the time and I hope to emulate that in my own career. A sincere congrats and good luck in all you do.

Bradley Davis, Ecolint class of 1991

That is so true about the future students not having the opportunity to have Mr. Sharpe. He was one of my favourite teachers at LGB. I was fortunate enough to have him as a tutor for the 11th grade and he wrote down each and everyone of our birthdays and when someones birthday came up he would bring a cup cake and a candle on it and we would sing happy birthday to the person. That was one of the things that were really cool about him. Oh well I wish him luck and happiness in whatever he goes on to do after retirement.

Ruth Seya, class of 2001.

I took chemistry with Mr. Wise in 12th grade (1987 grad)and have great memories of him. I recall Mr. Wise having a great deal of patience dealing with me and some of my classmates. I would like to thank him for all that he tried to teach me. I wish him a great retirement because he deserves it.

Richard Allen

Hello Mr. Wise,

I must have been in the same chemistry class as Richard Allen. You were a wonderful teacher! Thank you! Chemistry was a breeze in college because of you. You definitely prepared me. I remember pouring the left over chemicals in the plants in the back:-) They actually lived! I also recall an experiment where we had to compare colors. We came up with the craziest names of colors like "shrimp cocktail red" and "thunderstorm sky gray". We ended up not being able to compare the colors. Steve Querido would figure out on his cool (for 1987) calculator what the results were suppose to be before we did it. It was a fun class! I was probably one of the students that tested your patience.

Have a wonderful retirement! Thank you!

Sara (McCracken) Oxley 1987

Greetings All,

My name is Tari Etete, and I had the honor of being taught for 5 years by Mr Wise (1980-1985). I congratulate him on his retirement and thank him for the knowledge and wisdom he imparted during those scary hours of Chemistry class. For anyone out there who remembers my name, I am presently in Switzerland pursuing a Masters in Hospitality Management and would love to exchange ideas with them.


Tari Etete (Class of 1980)

I took chemistry with Mr Wise as well ( class of 2001) . He was a very patient and no nonsense type of person. I sure wish him and his family the best.

Seya Fundafunda.

This is Dmitri. I had the pleasure of taking Chemistry with Mr. Wise during my Grade 12 at Ecolint LGB, right before I graduated. I must confess, that was one of the *best* Chemisty course experiences that I have had along my career. I have recently (in 2003) graduated from UCSB (http://www.ucsb.edu/) with a Bachelor's in Physiology; yet, even during my undergraduate career, I had not had such a well-taught Chemistry course. I congratulate Mr. Wise from the bottom of my heart with his well-deserved retirement, and wish him the best of luck and much good health during these golden years.

Cheers all,

Dmitri Kossenko Class of 1997

Dear Alan,

Thanks for all your advice and efforts over the years. You have done so much and put so much of yourself into Ecolint...making it a better place. Thank you.

My best regards,

Richard A. Piliero

I took Chemistry in 12th and 13th grade (graduated in 1989) with Mr. Wise being my teacher. I enjoyed his classes and realize how handy some of the Chemistry comes in my job as a nurse in home health care. I would like to thank him and wish him all the best in his retirement. My name is Barbara Southworth and I hope he will remember me. Thanks.

Yours Truly,

Barbara Southworth

The Saleve building will never be the same!

As an unashamed "science" guy, Math and physics were my faves... Somehow i never had Mr. Smith for class - my sister had him every year though, NOW do you blame sibling rivalry? - but i was with him for the math contests...

I met Mr. Sharpe last year when I visited Ecolint after more than a Decade. And there he was in his room, with Mr. Lunt assisting him, that same Convex mirror above the blackboard... Mr. Sharpe was perhaps the best teacher I've ever had, and his classes were informative, exciting and FUN

Both these teachers had a lot of wit and humor, and i HOPE that i picked up a bit of that too!

I would love to get their Email IDs so I can thank them Personally.

Oh, and on an aside - anyone know what Yohei Yamada (LGB'95) and his brother (94) are up to?


Tarun Tripathi ('95)

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