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Andre Frieden

The Serpent's Game







The Serpent's Game traverses the globe with high drama and adventure set amidst calamity and conflict. Jonathan Brooks returns as the main character in this thriller novel, created from the vivid imagination of author Andre Frieden who has penned another intensely engaging story in his ever expanding series of intrigue and suspense.

From the flood ravaged streets of New Orleans in the wake of hurricane Katrina, to the steaming shores of the Panama Canal and the dangerous back streets of Caracas and Havana, The Serpent's Game weaves a complex plot of murder and mystery. Seeking the truth, while challenged by a cast of spies, assassins, and defectors, our hero Jonathan Brooks puts his masterful legal talent to bear on a situation where deception rules the game.

Scenes in the Americas, Europe and Asia come alive as realistic settings for a plot that reveals itself in a riveting climax where the stakes are high and the action gripping. Readers will be satisfied by the convincing characters and their conflicting motives, and be left thirsting for the next exciting adventure.



Andre Frieden does justice to the genre of intrigue and suspense with Tranquility Denied, a tale with contemporary themes set against a shadowy backdrop of the not so distant past. His main character Jonathan Brooks is thrust into a fast-moving plot with a series of turns that are sure to catch the reader by surprise.

While desperately seeking the evidence needed to vindicate his client in a court case to defend the owner of a merchant ship that was rammed by a navy patrol, Jonathan uncovers links to a sinister conspiracy involving military and industrial powers across the globe. His hunt for the truth leads the reader through the back alleys of New Orleans to remote Scandinavian villages and into the depths of the Kremlin, risking everything to save the lives and empires that hang in the balance.



Murder and espionage set the stage in Andre Frieden's Canvas Sunsets Never Fade. Blending the popular genres of mystery, intrigue, and romance, his first novel breaks the stereotypes so often associated with suspenseful thrillers to deliver a captivating story to his readers.

His main character, Richard Nash, reveals a dimension that is less than superhuman, while demonstrating his own natural imperfections and general affability. While pursuing the plot, he discovers a series of clues pointing to a frightening and utterly sinister conspiracy. Sometimes viewed as utterly naive, the main character of this book offers a refreshing sense of realism in an emotionally gripping situation.



North Korea: A Photographic Journey through the Hermit Kingdom is a unique look inside a territory that is isolated both culturally and physically from the rest of the planet. This photographic journey offers a collection of original images taken by the author during a visit to Pyongyang, Kaesong, Panmunjom, and the Demilitarized Zone.

Many of the images provide a glimpse of daily life that the national authorities take great efforts to conceal from the outside world. They capture the public face of a highly secretive society alongside images of the grim reality experienced by its population.


With more novels soon to be published, Andre Frieden is set to become a well-known author of popular fiction. His unique talent draws from a background as an attorney, a molecular biologist, an adjunct professor, a pilot and an army marksman. Born in Senegal, Andre is Swiss and Brazilian, and has lived in Africa, Europe, Asia, and America.

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