Indira Gandhi

Indira Gandhi



Jawaharlal Nehru brought his little daughter Indira to Ecolint in 1926.

"When Mrs. Indira Gandhi visited the USA in 1952 with her father, Miss (Florence) Fake wrote her a letter asking if she remembered the International School of Geneva. She had a prompt answer and an invitation to a reception at the Indian Embassy. Mrs. Gandhi recognized her old teacher at once. She said that she remembered her time at Ecolint as one of the happiest years of her life, and that she had learned a lot of French there, which had stood her in good stead at international meetings."

"Je puis ajouter ici que Mme. Indira Gandhi lors d'un passage à Genève a invité son autre professeur, Mlle. Hartoch, à venir la voir" - Marie-Thérèse Maurette

So many books have been written about this historic figure, founder of the non-aligned movement. Those books which which are currently in publication include:

From (USA):

Indira Gandhi (World Leaders Past and Present) by Francelia Butler

Charisma and Commitment : The Mind and Political Thinking of Indira Gandhi by Daler Deol

The Great Betrayal : Assassination of Indira Gandhi by Dilip Bobb, Ashok Raina

India : The Years of Indira Gandhi (International Studies in Sociology and Anthropology, Vol 47) by Yogendra K. Malik, Dhirendra K. Vajpeyi (Editor)

Indira Gandhi : Reminiscences by K.K. Birla

Mrs. Gandhi's Second Reign by Arun Shourie

Reasons of State by Shashi Tharoor