Issues Concerning the
School Community Referendum
of June, 2002

Referendum Results (2002-06-26):

    On the vote of confidence in the current Governing Board and its policies:

    In Favour: 580 (30%)    Opposed: 1,354 (70%)


  • Brief Introduction

  • Brief Chronology

  • Background Information

  • Survey of Alumni

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  • Press Coverage   (Updated: 2003-01-25)

  • Governing Board Communiques   

  • Director General's Newsletters  

  • Extraordinary Consultative General Assembly - November 2000

  • Extraordinary Consultative General Assembly - February 2002
  • Partial Minutes of the February ECGA

  • Opening Address to the November 2002 Assembly   


    Brief Introduction

    The following articles and notes have been compiled from many sources. Additional facts and background information that serve to clarify the issues surrounding the June, 2002 school community referendum are welcomed and will be presented in full in their original language.

    All reasonable efforts will be made to update this page as new information becomes available. Due to time and resource limitations, however, requests sent to this site for additional information will not be honored.

    In order to address the need for open communications and dialogue, all members of our school community are invited to participate in the unmoderated email discussion list created for this purpose. Please follow this link for more information about the discussion list.

    This web site is intended solely for the private use of members of the international school community which includes parents, students, alumni, teachers, and staff. Articles and opinions presented in these pages are the sole responsibility of their original authors. Please send all related correspondence to: [email protected].

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    Brief Chronology

    September, 1999 The International School of Geneva celebrates its 75th anniversary.
    September, 1999 Jean-Jacques Streuli assumes post of interim Director General.
    September, 2000 Donald Billingsley joins the school administration.
    October, 2000 Governing Board decides to move all secondary-school programmes to a new campus.
    November, 2000 Extraordinary Consultative General Assembly called by the Parent-Teachers Association to voice its disapproval and to address the lack of consultation by the Board in making this decision.
    December, 2000 John Boggs assumes the post of Governing Board Chairman after the resignation of a number of Board members including the Chairman. Board reaffirms its plans to construct a new campus by publicly announcing an architectural competition. Board vacancies are filled by appointments.
    January, 2001 Donald Billingsley assumes the post of Director General.
    May, 2001 Annual Consultative General Assembly. Appointed members confirmed to the Governing Board.
    February, 2002 New contract signed with the teachers association.
    February, 2002 Extraordinary Consultative General Assembly called to address the censure of a teacher by the Director General based on fabricated documents. Other management issues are raised in a sometimes heated discussion. Board fails a vote of confidence by a margin of 80% (opposed) to 10% (in favour). John Boggs declares the vote invalid.
    May 28, 2002 Annual Consultative General Assembly. Governing Board announces a school-wide referendum to be held in June, 2002 to certify the current Board composition.

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    Background Information

    This section includes information compiled by the Committee of Concerned Community Members of the International School of Geneva and other community organizations.

  • Personal impressions from the meetings on Monday, 10 June 2002-06-12

  • Letter from a group of La Châtaigneraie Parents 2002-06-11

  • Results of the Staff Association Survey 2002-06-11

  • Referendum Irregularities Updated: 2002-06-11

  • Announcements and Position Papers 2002-06-09

  • Staff Association Letter - June 5th, 2002 (English)

  • Lettre des Représentants du Personnel - 5 juin 2002 (French)

  • Presentation to the Consultative General Assembly on May 28th, 2002

  • Ecole et croissance économique: une relation ambiguë
          from the Federation des Syndicats Patronaux

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    Survey of Alumni

    The wide geographic distribution of International School alumni throughout the world is being supported by a web-based survey, created to give all alumni a voice in the June, 2002 referendum. This survey is open to all members of the school community, including parents, students, and staff as well as the alumni membership.

    This survey is on the record, with each participant identified by name, location, and their relationship with our school. Upon completion of the survey, all participants had the opportunity to modify their comments up until the referendum closing date.


    The survey was completed on Monday, 24 June at 18:00 GMT.


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    Join the email discussion group

    An email discussion group has been created to foster communication and dialog among all members of the International School community during the period leading up to the June, 2002 referendum. This discussion group is an unmoderated format with messages sent to all of the group's participants using a single email address.

    To subscribe to this discussion group, send an email message introducing yourself and stating your relationship with the International School (parent, student, alumnus, staff) to:


    [email protected]

    Your email address will then be subscribed to the distribution list. While the format of this list is unmoderated, please observe the following guidelines:

    Respect the rights of others to ask questions and to express their opinions. Persons sending flame messages will be excluded from the discussion.

    Refrain from "spam" strategies. Spam in this context is defined as the excessive posting of messages intended to promote one idea or one group's interests over another.

    Please keep with the topic under discussion until the close of balloting.
    Thank you for your participation in this very important discussion.

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